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Dura-Vent DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe and Components;

When you are in tight quarters, here's the stovepipe to reduce clearances.  This double-wall connector pipe has an inner wall of .012 430-alloy stainless steel and an outer wall of .018 aluminized steel painted black.  It lets you reduce clearances from combustibles to the stovepipe from 18" down to 6" for walls and 8" for ceilings.  DVL Double-Wall Black Stovepipe is available in both 6" and 8" diameters.  Outside diameter is 1" larger than inside diameter.  Connecting pipe sections together is easy with predrilled holes and a pack of screws, included.  All pipe pieces have a 1" overlap connection, reducing the actual pipe length by 1".  Dura-Vent's Double-Wall Black Stovepipe is warranted for 25 years. 

It is always recommended you use double-wall stovepipe and factory-built chimney from the same manufacturer.


Superpipe Double-Wall Black Stovepipe and Components;

Here's a double-wall pipe to use with SuperPro chimney when you need to reduce clearances to combustibles.  Superpipe has a lifetime warranty.  It is a 26-ga. black steel outer pipe with a .015", 430-alloy stainless inner liner.  This double-wall construction is cooler on the outside and thus lets you reduce both wall and ceiling clearances down to 6".  Available in 6" and 8" diameters. 


Heat-Fab 22-Ga. Welded Black Stovepipe and Components;

....and then there's black stovepipe!  This stuff's "The King".  Its extra thickness and superior construction is shown in Heat-Fab's 22-ga. black stovepipe featuring laser welded construction.  The very same construction that Heat-Fab uses in manufacturing it's excellent line of UL Listed stainless steel relining pipe.  The 22-ga. metal gives a nice 25% increase in wall thickness over run of the mill 24-ga. pipe.  To top it off, each piece of pipe is painted flat black and is individually wrapped for maximum protection from scratching during shipping.  We offer our 22-ga. line in 12", 18", 24", 36" and 48" lengths; and it all comes in 6"-8" diameters. 

There has been a move towards high-quality installations as the solid fuel industry has matured.  For stovepipe installations we highly recommend Heat-Fab 22-ga. Welded Black Stovepipe.


24-Ga. Snap-Lock Black Stovepipe;

This is a good quality, basic stovepipe that comes in 5"-8" diameters in lengths of 12" and 24".  


Dura-Vent Dura-Black 24-Ga. Welded Black Stovepipe and Components;

This high-quality, 24-ga. stovepipe features strong, spot-welded seams.  Dura-Black is available in 6" and 8" diameters and in lengths of 12", 24" and 48".  Dura-Black comes with a valuable five-year warranty- something you won't find on snap-lock stovepipe!

When installing any single-wall stovepipe, be sure to maintain an 18" clearance to combustibles.


Security Double-Wall Black Stovepipe

This double-wall may be used with all types of solid fuel appliances.  It may be installed as close as 6" to combustibles.  It is recommended to use this double-wall stove pipe with Security factory-built chimney.  Security's exterior wall is 26-ga. black steel.  The inner wall is made of corrosion-resistant 430-alloy stainless steel and is .015" thick.  Look closely at the pipe sections and you'll see a series of openings in the outer wall.  This feature allows for the recovery of heat from between the two walls of the pipe.  Security Double-Wall Black Stovepipe has a 10-year warranty against burnout.  Additional components are available special order.


Stovepipe Installation Essentials;

Many optional stovepipe pieces can be found here; Like the HomeSaver Stovepipe Shield, Mantel Shield, Barometric Damper, Cast-Iron Stovepipe Damper, UL Listed Heat-Fab Insulated Saf-T Thimble and Insul-Flue Insulated Thimble.  There are also Brass Trim Collars, Insul-Plug and Self-Drilling Black Screws And Magnetic Chuck Driver. 


Dura-Vent Pellet Vent Pro;

Dura-Vent's Pellet Vent Pro is recommended by many pellet stove manufacturers and carries a 25-year warranty.  It's UL Listed to the 641 Standard for pellet-burning appliances at 3" clearance to combustibles and can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications.  Outer walls are .018" galvalume steel, inner walls are .012" thick 430-alloy stainless steel.  Twist-lock connections and open-ended tee supports make disconnects easy for periodic cleaning.  Joints are sealed with silicone to prevent fly ash leakage. These strong 45 deg. and 90 deg. nonadjustable elbows are factory silicone sealed to provide an airtight installation.  Pellet Vent is available in 3" and 4" diameters and offers all the components you'll need.  Pellet Vent and components are riveted, not welded. 

Note:  The outside diameter of Pellet Bent is 5/8" larger than inside diameters.


Dura-Vent Direct Vent Pro Venting System for Gas Stoves;

Direct Vent appliances can easily be located next to a wall and vented through the wall without the expense of a chimney.  Or vent them straight up the middle of the house.  They're economical and homeowners like 'em!  This precision fitting pipe safely vents flue gases, while providing incoming combustion air through the space between its inner and outer walls. Direct Vent Pro has an inner wall of .020" aluminum and an outer wall of 26-ga. galvanized steel.  The components twist lock together for quick, secure, fastener-free installation.  We offer two sizes, 4" inner diameter with a 6 5/8" outer diameter and 5" inner diameter with an 8" outer diameter.  Pipe lengths of 12", 24", 36" and 48" are available in cases of four or six in the galvanized finish.  Individual pieces of pipe with a painted black finish are available in 6", 9", 12", 24", 36" and 48" lengths.  Direct Vent GS carries a 10-year warranty. 

Most direct vent appliances are approved to be used with Dura-Vent Direct Vent GS.  In fact, it's the most recommended system on today's market.


Dura-Vent Type B Gas Vent;

Dura-Vent's UL Listed Type B Gas Vent is top-notch.  It has a precision twist-lock design that is fast and easy to install or disassemble - all with no fitting hassles.  Dura-Vent Type B Gas Vent can be used to vent Category 1 gas appliances or whenever B-Vent is specified on the appliance label.  It requires 1" clearance to combustibles.  And it has a 25-year warranty - virtually unheard of with B-Vent!  The inner liner is .012" aluminum and the outer wall is premium grade .018" galvanized steel.  This vent is available in 3"-6" diameters.  In addition to the 6", 12", 24", 36" and 48" lengths, this system features many unique components.  The 45 deg. and 90 deg. elbows are adjustable.  There are also Firestop supports for vertical installations and draft hood connectors that will be needed to mate to some gas appliances.


Selkirk Direct Temp   (BLACK)

Selkirk's Direct-Temp not only meets the need for traditional direct vent gas appliances but now it also addresses the needs of the new direct vent pellet and corn appliances.  The inner vent of 304-alloy stainless steel provides a corrosion resistant conduit for the flue gasses from gas, wood pellets, and corn.  And you'll love the silicone woven fiberglass seal at the connections that ensures there won;t be any leakage, not even fly ash.  Limited Lifetime Warranty.  UL listed.


DuraTech - The Ultimate Class-A Chimney System;

DuraTech sets the standard in quality, design and performance for chimney systems.  Using ThermalTech blanket insulation, DuraTech keeps the outer wall of the chimney cool while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum draft performance.  This also eliminates hot spots common with loose-fill type insulations.  No shifting, settling or dangerous voids.  In the event of a creosote fire, this compressible blanket insulation permits the chimney liner to expand outward.  This free-floating inner liner design also permits the liner to expand lengthwise eliminating buckling and loss of structural integrity associated with some solid-pack type chimneys.  DuraTech's twist-lock connections require no locking bands or other mechanical fasteners.  DuraTech is available in inner diameters of 5"-8", is .016" 430-alloy stainless steel and the inner liner is .020" 430 -alloy stainless steel.  The galvalume outer wall lengths also have a 430-alloy stainless inner liner, .016" thick.  The 10" and 12" lengths have the same features of the other galvalume lengths.  When double wall black stovepipe is needed, use Dura-Vent DVL.  DuraTech Chimney is Tested and Listed to the UL 103HT Standard for use with wood, oil, coal, and gas appliances in 5"-8" diameters; and the UL 103 Standard in 10" and 12" diameters.  DuraTech Chimney carries a lifetime warranty.  Once you get a piece of DuraTech Chimney in you hands, you'll know immediately this is a quality user-friendly product.  If your project calls for economy, consider galvalume DuraTech in the inside spaces.  It's more resistant to rust than galvanized metal, but not as resistant as stainless.


Dura-Vent Dura/Plus Air-Insulated Class-A Chimney;

Dura-Vent's Dura/Plus is an all fuel, triple-wall chimney that combines one layer of ceramic refractory blanket insulation and an airspace to keep the outside wall cool.  This also keeps the inside wall hot, boosting efficiency.  Dura/Plus is listed to the UL 103HT Standard and carries an impressive 25 year warranty. Dura/Plus is available in 6" and 8" inside diameters.  Outside diameters are approximately 4" larger than inner.  The Dura/Plus inner liner is 430-alloy stainless steel with a middle wall of aluminized steel.  24" and 36" chimney lengths are available with either stainless steel or galvanized steel outer walls. 6", 9" and 12" lengths have galvanized steel outer walls.  Dura/Plus components twist-lock securely into place and are stainless steel unless otherwise noted.  When double-wall black stovepipe is needed with Dura/Plus use Dura-Vent DVL. 


UL Listed SuperPro Class-A Chimney System;

Selkirk manufactures SuperPro, an excellent Class-A chimney sold only to professionals.  You won't find it in your local home center store.  SuperPro features 304-alloy stainless steel for both its inner and outer walls.  The mineral wool insulation is formulated for optimum performance while dramatically reducing chemically active ingredients.  It provides a thermal delay that resists and contains surges of heat, keeping the outer liner cooler.  SuperPro couplers are embossed which reduces moisture penetration, increasing longevity of the chimney.  With these features, Selkirk Products is so confident in SuperPro that they offer a lifetime prorated warranty.  Components, such as flashings have a galvalume coating, which has twice the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel.  SuperPro features twist-lock connections: however, locking bands are recommended at each joint for extra security when cleaning and are required on all elbow joints, lengths between elbows and where the horizontal section of pipe attaches to the tee.  SuperPro has been tested and listed to UL's 103HT Standard.  The manufacturer approves its use for wood, oil, coal and gas.  It's available in 6"and 8" (inner) diameters.  When you need 7" diameter class-A chimney, you'll want to use Super Chimney Max.  When Double-wall black stove pipe is needed with SuperPro, use Superpipe. 


UL Listed Secure Temp Class-A Chimney System;

Secure Temp is made by Security Chimneys International, setting new standards for quality, ease of installation and performance.  Its insulation ensures a warmer flue and cooler exterior than previously available in chimney systems.  The 304 .016" thick inner wall holds up better against oil and coal than the less expensive 430 stainless used by most manufacturers.  The outer wall is .016 thick 430 stainless.  Couplers are .014" thick and are make of 430 stainless steel.  The floating flue, first designed and introduced by Security Chimneys, along with the double over lapped seam allows them to warranty their chimneys against chimney fires and corrosion, as well as workmanship and materials.  It's approved for wood, coal, oil, and category 1 gas.  Secure Temp has a 2" clearance to combustibles and is UL Listed to the 103HT (high temperature) Standard. Secure Temp offers many user-friendly components. This popular chimney is available is 6" diameter, with all the components you need for a complete installation.  Outside dimensions are 2" larger than inside dimensions.